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01 September 2028 @ 08:58 pm

Con reports and anything I consider of interest will remain unlocked, so feel free to add me for those!

Anything else, personal details of my life, basically anything that's about me is friends locked because of teh dramaz caused by an unlocked post.
But I'm friendly! I'm lovely, I don't mind new friends, just comment to be added!
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26 August 2011 @ 07:35 pm
Okay so here's a list of my cosplay plans for coming events. I'm not doing all that much, not going to make it to what few cons remain in the year. MAY make it to October expo but it's a big if.
Kita is a definite yes, but beyond that I'm not sure.
I'm going to do my level best to make it to more this year.

October Expo (If I make it)
Death (Sandman)

Rapunzel - Finale Dress - Tangled - Ball (If there is one. Half a day if there isn't)
Pinkie Pie - Galloping Gala Gijinka - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Parties
Aperture Science Test Subject OR GLaDOS - orange jumpsuit/humanised - Portal - Day unconfirmed
Tulio - Normal - Road to Eldorado - Day unconfirmed
Cornelia - R2 variant - Code Geass - Day unconfirmed

Floating Cosplay
(May be for expo, Kita or somewhere in between)
Hikaru OR Kaoru - Cheshire Cat costume - Ouran High School Host Club
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24 March 2010 @ 12:11 pm
I really need to do a proper update, BUT HERE ARE MY COSPLAY PLANS.

I figure if I write these down (and make it a public entry that'll pop up on Facebook and Cosplay Island) then I won't forget, and it gives me a little more focus, because at the moment I really am just running around going 'OOH I WANNA COSPLAY THAT!'
Planning is good!

CONGOERS READING THIS: Help me out, please? If you know of any groups or whatever, or wanna match/know a particular day to wear it/etcetc, lemme know!

Based on what cons I'm hoping to make, and what cosplays I want to do, this is the plan:


Oz Vessalius - Pandora Hearts
Pit - Kid Icarus/SSBB
Alexiel - Angel Sanctuary

October Expo
Susan - Discworld (Rem's doing Angua)
Glimmer - She-Ra (and She-Ra)

Gunner Moogle - Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced

May Expo (2011)
Poison Ivy - Arkham Asylum (I figure I've got the time and it'll be warm enough by then)
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28 October 2009 @ 02:52 pm
So! As many of you probably know, I'm moving in about a month, and I'm trying to really narrow down my stuff before then, so here is some stuff for sale!

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19 September 2009 @ 01:27 pm
(Unlocked to share on FB. For those on LJ, been away for a couple of days, not read flist, if anything important happened wednesday-friday, linky me kthx <3)

So, in two weeks (October 2nd) it's my birthday, yeeeey.
There's a few things I'd like at the moment, or that I'd like a little help getting, so I thought I'd post up a little wishlist like I did last year, in case anybody is able to help me out :D
(Or in case anybody is wanting to get me something but at a loss what)
That said, any gift would be appreciated and loved, and I'm not expecting gifts, cards and well-wishes will also be appreciated.
...I don't know if that makes a lot of sense. What I'm saying is I love you all anyway, and this is just here on the offchance, because it's always worth asking XD

Also, in the extremely rare chance two people are going to try and get the same thing - I don't mind not being surprised, so if you're worried about that, just post your intentions and I'll make sure it doesn't happen ^^

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07 September 2009 @ 08:19 pm
Unlocked for everybody else to join in the fun! :D

Ok, so, I'm really sorry I never got round to doing an Aya writeup, and I probably won't do, it was too long ago now, haha. There may or may not be a post of photos at some point, when I finally get them on the damn computer.
It was a really good weekend and I had a lot of fun, wasn't the omgbestconEVAR but it was really nice, so yey.
The few days I spent with Rem were wonderful, we did a lot of LARPing again, some of it was absolutely HILARIOUS. We had female characters, and we brought in two male characters to interact with them and give it a little variety - one for each.
Only, then we thought "wouldn't it be interesting if the male characters met up..." and it ended up being so funny and so much fun that we neglected the poor girls a bit, but we had an awesome time.
We also played crazy golf and I think I lost, but Rem told me I won and wouldn't let me see the score sheet XD
and bought plastic swords from the toy shop and ended up having a sword fight in the city centre, a proper one 'cos she was teaching me (part of her course was stage fighting, so...)

BUT, the main point of this post was because O.M.G.
Yesterday I got up at a ridiculous hour to travel into London to join Rem, Sophie and Charly to go and see the PREMIERE SCREENING of Merlin season 2, Episode 1, WITH THE CAST.

And this is what happened..some spoilers ahead...Collapse )
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14 September 2008 @ 05:32 pm
So yesterday I took Brendan (My Brother's Fiancée's kid, so basically my nephew XD) to Midlands MCM Expo at the Telford International centre.
As you may or may not recall, last time I went to the Midlands Expo (February '07) I got a call on the way home telling me David had died. Well thankfully that didn't curse Midlands, and yesterday went pretty well :D I'm sure David would have appreciated that...or something ^^

It was a very long day (Up at 6, at the train station by 7 and home for 8.30pm) and I was sort of worried that Brendan wouldn't enjoy himself - two long train journeys and expo's not exactly chock-full of activities, but he had a great time! He's really looking forward to going again, so I've said I'll take him in February!

I did try and get my Medusa cosplay done in time, but I gave up around 4am and wore Konata for it instead - I'm really glad I did in the end, because Amber was wearing her Medusa and it was awesome, I figured mine would look terrible in comparison because it was a rush job. But it'll be fully ready in time for October and hopefully it'll look ace :D

I can't really be bothered to do a full report, so taking a cue from the expo forum's 'thanks and rants' thread, I'll just give you a rundown of everything I really enjoyed, and all the people I want to thank...

- Doing Hare Hare Yukai, Caramell Dansen and Motteke Sailor Fuku REPEATEDLY! It was SO much fun. I had loads of requests for Motteke because I was Konata, and then whenever there was some time to kill during the masquerade they got random people dancing up on stage, Hare Hare first with some Haruhi cosplayers, then we taught the presenter to do CaramellDansen. Then when waiting for judging they got Hare on and everybody danced, and I went up to the stage and they were like "I bet I can guess what you're after" - then they got me up at the front of the stage to do Motteke it was so much fun!
Then there was another round of Caramell.
- The entire Masquerade audience singing the pokemon theme tune (after we ran out of dances) - epic!
- All the Soul Eater cosplayers, you guys ROCKED!
- Royster, Mrs Chumphy, Kevin, Nate, Mike, Amber and anyone else I already knew that I ran into :D It was great to see you all again and you helped make my day awesome!
(Special thanks to Royster for giving me the drawing suggestion to keep Brendan entertained, and Mrs Chumphy for buying that fabric off me - you paid for my lunch!!)
- Everybody new I met, though I didn't get any contact details I hope I run into them again, I met some wonderful people!
- The Where's Wally cosplayer, absolutely epic! I kept spotting her and every time I just wanted to run up and shout "FOUND YOU!" I resisted the urge :D
- Everybody who hugged me, took my picture or generally gave me love for being Konata, I was so happy :D Plus I was the only Konata there, YEY!
- Anybody I got chatting to on the train journeys to/from Telford, you were all so awesome :D Especially Beth on the way there, and the guy in the Smeg Head t-shirt and his friends on the way back.
- The gang we walked with and got lost with from the train station to the centre, the walk was so much fun with you!
- For that matter, the guys we walked back to the train station with, it was so much more fun with more people, because we got to snicker at the chavs for being morons and laughing at us. Laugh all you want, chavbrat, I bet we just had a much better day than you did in our weird costumes XD
- Brendan, for being good all day (most of the time), for putting up with all the people hugging him for being so cute, and for not getting too whiny whenever I got too distracted doing random dancing :D

Had a great time, can't wait for London!

(Post unlocked to share with you lovely people on Facebook :D)
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01 September 2008 @ 04:42 pm
I'm considering making my journal mostly friends only.
Some things, like random announcements and con reports, can stay unlocked because I want them to get streamed to Facebook without having to copy-paste everything, but others...

I recently wrote a very ranty entry about my job and money issues, as I already explained in my more-recent and locked post, this was a way for me to vent, a way to get my issues out without turning to something more extreme, I've always done it this way, just for once I thought maybe, hey, I won't bother locking it, it's just a rant, whatever.
Stupidest. Decision. Ever.

From my friends on Livejournal I got nothing but support, this is to be expected and I love them for that, from Facebook...
First I got a note from my dad's wife, he had come up in my rant you see, and that made me go 'ah..crap'. Luckily for me she said she wouldn't say anything to him, and just offered support.
I'm a little 'heh, whoops' about it, but given that she's been nice I think 'ok, no harm, no foul'

Next I get a snarky message from my aunt about being a drama queen and joining the 'real world of grown ups' - this irritates me somewhat, I make a semi-annoyed, semi-jokey reply and then go rant about the tendency of adults to belittle the problems of anyone younger than them, as seen in that more recent locked post I spoke about.

And finally, I get a message from my other aunt, calling me cheeky, rude, calling me on my 'atrocious language', claiming "with your attitude to life I wouldn't give you a job either"
Because one stressed out rant is entirely indicative of a person's attitude to life, yup.
I'm not going to go into that, it really really upset me, but I'm not going to bother responding to it because I'm sure if the aunt in question reads my response she'll have some belittling, degrading reply, probably claiming I don't know anything about life and should listen to my elders, yada yada.
Because my elders know exactly how I should be living my life because they know so much about me and my problems...and I'm going to stop right there before I start ranting again.

So in short, TL;DR, not locking my personal entries has given me nothing but grief, what's the point in telling these people anything about my life and problems if they're just going to react like this, so I'm considering making my journal friends only.

Does anybody have any thoughts? You all know what I'm like with decisions.
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30 August 2008 @ 01:43 pm
Weeee I'm pimping this everywhere :D
(X-posted to Minami, Fuyu and Ame forums, and my dA, hell yea XD)

Just scouting for interest, so please let me know!

Ok, so I have a lot of left-over fleece and other fabric from various cosplays, and I decided to use it to make a few bits and bobs to sell.

I made one hat and pin-on devil tail as a tester, the hat from this particular set is a little on the small side, and a friend of mine has already bagsied it, but it's fairly quick work so I can get more made soon now I have a better grip on the measurements I need for it ^^

What I wanted to know was, would anybody be interested in buying these hats from me?
I have two different colours of fleece at the moment (though depending on interest I can be encouraged to buy more) and am willing to make hats (with whatever horns or ears you want) and these cute little devil tails.
I also have some white fur, orange fur and some beautiful long white tiger fur (Those of you who went to Fuyucon may remember my tail, and the paws me and SephNoir were wearing made from it) and can make ears and simple tails from this.
On top of that I have lots of scrap fabric that I intend to make things from, whatever takes my fancy really ^^

So who would be interested?

(Please excuse the quality of the images, they're terrible but it was the only camera I had available to me at the time, better photos will be made available later)

Here is an image of the hat and tail I already made -

These are the colours of the fleece I currently have -

If I get enough interest, I'll make a website to sell them on, if I only get a bit of interest, I'll do my dealings via lj and forum and such, so watch this space!
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Angel born in Hell
26 August 2008 @ 09:38 pm
Would it be too much to ask the universe just to throw me a bone?
I want to be back in Bristol SO BADLY, I don't even mind working for the money, just as long as I get some.

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